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Getting Started?

2010-10-24 12:32:48 by Darksinne

I'm Brand new to the flash scene! I loved working with animation so far.

something about the satisfaction of taking a few steps away from a finished piece and saying "that was me" really appeals to me.

I hope you like my new animation "Chuck's Vengeance". I made it for a university project, "introduction to web content".

Please rate, comment and star it if you liked it!


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2010-10-25 19:27:56

Indeed, a good start

Darksinne responds:

Thanks for the encouragement :D


2010-10-26 03:04:32

I really like your animation keep up the good work. Maybe you will be another good flash creator on newgrounds?

Darksinne responds:

I really hope i can become an active member of the community, thank you! :)


2010-10-27 13:54:51

I saw you guys' animations coming in and I rated them all and reviewed two of them. Congrats on the frontpage, I'm glad you're inspired to continue to do some animations cause you show real potential.

In the end, what was your final grade anyway?? :-)

Post on BBS some time too ;-)


2010-10-27 21:09:14

If you're feeling down because of some of those low ratings of recently, read this.
They're not paying any attention to the fact that this is your first flash.
One of three things is true:

A) They were too lazy to find out that it was your first flash.
B) They're giving you a rating after seeing only the BEST stuff that's frontpaged.
C) They're just really hardcore raters. Even I have a deadly inner critic, but I kept it at bay. This is your first flash, and those people need to set some limits.

I know of at least 20 "Sonic vs Mario" flashes that absolutely sucked. >.>
Chat bubbles that vanished before you could read them...
Two sounds throughout the entire thing...
Annoying loops...

And half of them saw the front page.
You made it for a different reason.

In my case, I had the decency to do a little digging, and thus your flash went from a "meh" to an "O_O omgrly?" You're doing VERY well for a first.
But you're going to have to leave the realm of "Paint.exe" if you're going to go further. I saw a little of that with the lip-movements.

If you want to see it done very well, I know of a few stick-figure storylines that have some of the best lipsynchs on newgrounds, and a few non-stick animations that gave it a solid try, and didn't do half badly!
Some of these are a bit eerie though, as that was the author's style, however, I promise that you'll enjoy watching them.

Toss me a message using the inbox if you want a list. :) I might not have a submission to call my own (that I'm willing to post... I've dabbled in the artwork end of things), but I've seen more of newgrounds flash than most people who think they "frequent" it have.
I know where some very good voice-lip-synch flashes lie...

As for the people, going back to that...
Yeah... xD they start thinking they're rating pros after seeing only the front page. They haven't done the digging to understand what I have yet, but they'll come around in time.
Therefore, they don't appreciate what you've submitted. Don't worry about it.


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